The Eastwood Croquet Club was inaugurated in 1935 and began life at the present site at the beginning of 1936, following the construction of the Croquet members’ pavilion and courts by Ryde Council.

A number of local businessmen and women had for some years been petitioning state and local governments for a place and facilities to play croquet, and were finally successful with the dedication of a site and an allocation of funds in the early 1930’s. The site was the north-east corner of the much larger Eastwood Park.

Eastwood Park itself is part of what was long known as “Love’s Farm” from an early (1795) land grant. After a varied history, the park was proclaimed in 1920 and Ryde Council appointed as trustee. Eastwood Park was finally vested in the Council in 1978. Part of Eastwood Park in the early 1900’s, including the courts of Eastwood Croquet Club, was a lake which in 1929 was filled to alleviate unemployment, and also to clean up pollution arising from the growing number of shops and housing in the area.

The croquet pavilion and two courts were constructed during 1935 and officially opened in December with a Croquet Lawn and Pavilion in December that year.

Early Crown Lands Department aerial survey photographs taken in 1943 show the croquet courts and members pavilion, together with five small shelters used by the players, and the rose garden to the south of the courts. All of these features remain today essentially as then, except for one shelter demolished due to termite infestation some years ago, and evolutionary changes in the rose garden.