The Club has held annual club championships (singles and doubles) in Association Croquet (AC) since its inception in 1935, and in Golf Croquet (GC) since 2010. State and regional tournaments are also entered as a club and by club members as individuals.

EnidBrownTrophyThe Enid Brown Trophy AC


A long-standing annual event is the Enid Brown Trophy in AC, and more recently the Enid Brown Trophy in GC. Gala Days for these events are held in August and September by the participating croquet clubs, Cheltenham, Eastwood, Epping, Strathfield and Warrawee, with a presentation and lunch on the final day. 

Eastwood was also a keen supporter of the Ryde Sports Foundation Games for nearly 30 years. 



Today, the club endeavours to cater to a range of interests and capabilities amongst players and future players, from the highly competitive, to themore  casual and relaxed. Croquet is uniquely suited to this and is an excellent recreation to satisfy a wide range of skills and ages, as well as preferences.